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I am a creative girl that loves life and all it has to offer.


Whether those reading are my friends or family or simply friends those that I have not met yet, I enjoy the human connection. I became a nurse to strengthen that connection and I now have this blog, because I enjoy reading about others experiences on their blogs. It gives me a great way to communicate with my old friends and my new ones.

I enjoy sharing my love of creating with others. I started this blog to share some of my creations, but it has become more about sharing tid bits of information and my thoughts on life and love mostly. I hope you enjoy it, I enjoy doing it. Keep in touch. : )


I am a big fan of scrapbooking, knitting, stitching, creating, glue-gunning, barette-making, movie-watching, web-surfing, cookie-baking, antique-hunting, running, wildlife-viewing, thrill seeking, book-reading, magazine-perusing, road-tripping, beach-combing, flying, you-tubing, tivo-ing, decorating and picture-taking.